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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

I understand that through FloridaRxNOW, telemedicine and telehealth services are being offered as a convenient and accessible way for individuals to receive medical evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments remotely. I acknowledge that these virtual consultations may not be suitable for severe or critical conditions, and that it is important to follow up with an in-person physician or seek emergency care if my symptoms worsen or do not improve in a timely manner.

I agree to be fully honest and forthcoming with any information provided to the FloridaRxNOW team, as any misleading or incomplete information can put me at risk for misdiagnosis or inadequate treatment. I understand that FloridaRxNOW reserves the right to decline treatment if any false information is provided.

I certify that I am capable of making sound medical decisions, and that as an adult patient or legal guardian of a minor patient, I am authorized to use the FloridaRxNOW platform. I understand that the services offered through FloridaRxNOW are non-refundable and that any prescribed medication may require additional payment at the pharmacy.

I understand that the FloridaRxNOW team is committed to providing the highest quality of care and that by engaging in telemedicine consultations, I am establishing a Provider-Patient relationship. I have read, or had this form read to me, and fully agree with its contents, including the potential risks and benefits of telemedicine. I have had ample opportunity to ask any questions and have received satisfactory answers.

Terms of Use

I, the patient, voluntarily grant and its authorized designees the authorization to provide medical services to me. I agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information about my health on this intake form to the best of my abilities. I understand that submitting incorrect or incomplete information may lead to misdiagnosis and potentially cause harm to me as the patient.

Informed Consent and Authorization to Administer Treatment

I, the patient, hereby authorize FloridaRxNOW's medical team to review my medical history and administer medical services to me via telemedicine (synchronous or asynchronous). I authorize FloridaRxNOW to prescribe an alternative medication if my preferred or selected medication is potentially harmful, unsafe, controlled, dangerous, interacts with my existing medication or results in an adverse drug reaction. I have been informed that telemedicine services are reserved for mild to moderate complexity medical needs. I understand that FloridaRxNOW will cancel and refuse to accept patients with complex or life-threatening conditions. I understand that FloridaRxNOW will provide online medical services based on the medical history I provide, in the absence of a physical examination. I hereby agree to take full responsibility for damages or harm that may occur from submitting inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information. I understand the risk of misdiagnosis associated with utilizing telemedicine due to the absence of a physical examination or an in-person evaluation. I agree to follow up with a doctor for an in-person evaluation or call 911 if my symptoms worsen or do not improve in a timely manner.


I understand consultations are non-refundable including if I have fail to respond to the medication prescribed.

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